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Earth Hour

Earth hour is a yearly event organized by the World Wildlife Fund an environmental nonprofit group. It was created in Sidney, Australia and participated by millions of people to signify that each of us, working hand in hand, can make a good impact on climate change – no matter where we live or who we are.

What is climate change?

Climate change is a long term change in patterns of humidity, precipitation, temperature, wind, seasons and sea levels. While these things fluctuate on a natural cycle, statistics point out that there are more major and thorough changes taking place than have in previous geologic history.  Specific climate patterns are critical to all environments.  A change in patterns of rainfall will result in alterations in the blooming of flowering crops and plants that human beings including animals depend on. Warmer temperatures can cause die offs of plants which provide habitat for animal species. The climate is dangerous to the health of our planet. As we can see today, disasters everywhere have started.

The main purpose for Earth Hour is to improve community consciousness of the need for important energy-use reduction and the need to take action on climate change by engaging as many businesses, communities and individuals around Planet Earth as possible to turn the lights off for an hour.

This simple act will not only increase awareness of the impacts of climate change on our world, but also motivate individuals to take practical action to reduce their own carbon marks.

Being able to be part of something public, even if it is as simple as turning off the lights, gives us a chance to say, we are a part of this too.

So, today at 8:30 in the evening, my lights will be off for an hour. Will yours too?