My Online Job

Presently, i have two online job. It was mid January when  Mike hired me as a quiz writer and then later on an article writer. But the person who really help got the work is a special friend who then is also an employee. She recommended me to work with Mike  for he is looking another writer. That was the time when my work at Odesk ended as a quiz writer.
March 9,  i got another online job as a ghost writer. I made a lot of articles but sad to say i can’t claim those articles as mine because somebody owns it which is my boss. At first, being an article writer, i find it hard to do because it’s my first to do writing. I am more into arts and blogging. Although blogging is writing too but it’s different from making an article.
Online jobs makes difference from usual job (like going thru and fro to the office dalily). With online job, you are the boss. Your time is yours. Anytime you want to do your work is possible. You can work day or night. Most of online jobs are flexible time. So, less stress and less pressure.
Online job helps me a lot in terms of financial status. Helps me buy my personal things. It even helps me buy  my mother’s medicine.  Helps me pay the bills from electric to water to internet connection. In fact, i bought a new LCD monitor when i got my salary.
Who do not want to work online job? I guess today, 50% of the human are working online.

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