Britains Got Talent


This woman is unique! Susan Boyle does not have a star look but hey, she’s got a talent! It’s pretty obvious, all the judges gave her YES for the next level. This woman gained fame right after the reality show. With the new technology, she got over 15 millions viewers at youtube.

She maybe a frumpy (according to them) 47 year old woman, but who cares, right? When i heard her voice, it reminds of Lea Salonga a main character from Miss Saigon and Les Miserables. They both have the same voice. I thought it was Lea who were singing…hahahaha… Susan, you got an amazing voice!



Charlie Green was one of the contestants in Britains Got Talent. Charlie is a half Filipino and half British. Charlie’s singing style is very classic. What a boy! He seems to be the reincarnation of Matt Monroe. He is great in singing and delivering the song. Boy, at the age of 10, who could imagine that such age who can sing so well. Admit it! Seldom we heard most children or teenager sing classic song. Most of children and teenagers now loves to sing HipHop, Rock, RnB, etc. Well… he’s got a unique talent!



Madonna Decena is a Filipino working abroad. She is a singer and being a singer she pursue her dream of becoming the famous singer. Madonna auditioned at Britains Got Talent and she got it. She sung a winning piece titled “I will always love you by Whitney Houston”. She even got to semi-finals. She is one of crowds favorite. No wonder she is popular during the contest.

Madonna is a single mother who strive to work for her child and sacrificiesbeing with her child.During her audition,it was potentially life-changing, and when the panel told her she had made it to the next round… it was as if all her dreams had been answered, just Like A Prayer. Madonna, Pinoys are proud of you!


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