Teach your Children Social Care

Every time I visit the home of a friend, her son, Enzo, welcomes me as warmly as she does. He smiles, runs to take my umbrella and purse, and does all he can to see that I am comfortable. Though he is only five, Enzo has a rare grace for so small a child.

Only yesterday as I was visiting with his mother, he came and patted me gently on the knee to get my attention, and looking up into my face, said, “I think you would like a nice glass of juice. Wouldn’t you Ms. Rizza?” I could not resist that, and he eagerly ran to prepare it for me – with his mom’s help.

Children need to be taught to graciously greet a guest. They are a part of the house, and their training is deficient if it is lacking in this social grace.

When children come in from play or from school or from an errand, it is rude and inconsiderate for them to dash through the house, paying no attention whatsoever to a guest in the house. Many children come in shouting, slamming doors, demanding, and never give a guest so much as a glance.

This should not be, for the child will always need the grace of meeting people. Much of this future happiness and success will depend upon such small niceties. Public relations are important, and these principles cannot be learned in a minute. Beauty of behavior comes from years of careful training in the art of being gracious.

It is a pleasant and rewarding experience to meet a family of well-trained, well-mannered children. Every time I go to a certain home, even if I am unexpected, the children run to meet me almost before I stepped into the door. Little Sarah will say, all out of breath. “You can stay for lunch, can’t you?”

And Justin’s eyes will be shining when he says, “Wow, I like to see you come!”

Needless to say, I love to visit in that home. The children want me to see their new books, their pets, their hobbies and their games.

I am convinced that these lovely traits of character do not crop up by accident; they represent days and months and years of parental example, guidance, and training, and the product is a delight to behold.

In some homes, when visitors are there, the children seem to think they must be seen and heard continually. They will pound on the radio and scream and run through the house to such an extent that the hosts and their guests can hardly hear themselves speak.

Lack of training in this area is not fair to the children, for they cannot know how to behave unless their parents teach them. “A well-ordered Christian household is a powerful argument in favor of the reality of the Christian religion.”

Let not a mother allow her mind to be occupied with too many things………….. With the greatest diligence and the closest watchfulness the must care for the little ones who, if allowed, will follow every impulse springing out of their unpracticed, ignorant hearts. In their exuberance of spirit they will give utterance to noise and turbulence in the home. This should be checked. Children will be just as happy if they are educated not to do theses things. They are to be taught that when visitors come, they are to be quiet and respectful.

All the children, at times, do things that parents regret, but rudeness to guests will not often occur if the children have been reared to be respectful to their parents. This lesson is taught largely by example. Parents should take care to show respect to each other in front of their children. Children, also, are entitled to respect, and will respond by showing respect for others.

It takes much thought and attention to train a child to have the grace of politeness and respect toward visitors in the house, but the effort is worthwhile. “A child’s righteous graces consist in modesty and obedience – in attentive ears to hear the words of direction, in willing feet and hands to walk and work in the path of duty. And a child’s true goodness will bring its own reward, even in this life.”


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