Loneliness Makes the Loudest Noise

Sometimes loneliness makes the loudest noise we hear. Yet often it’s a loneliness of our own making, almost like heart disease, diabetes and stroke which are largely self-inflicted diseases.

We long to be accepted, loved, cared for and held. We curse our timidity and other complexes that fence us in and keep us from touching others. We often feel like we are in a crowd, and no one understands our language.

We over-spend on beauty aids and stylish clothes. We desperately diet. We feverishly work out. We enroll in seminars and groups, hoping to remake our personalities. The intense self-absorption often results in a sleekly engineered person – much like our sleekly engineered foods – high on appearance, but empty of important values.

When we feel depressed, when our children rebel, when our jobs are threatened, when friends we’re losing our homes, we need friends who care. Without friends, it’s a short road to despair.

We also need friends as we struggle with bad habits and endeavor to change to a more wholesome lifestyle, and various others through various support groups, learning together how to live without their crutches. Persons who are changing their taste buds as well as their habits also need the understanding and encouragement of supportive people.

Reach out. Include stressed co-worker, or your distressed neighbor in your circle of friendship where comforting happens, and where affirmation flourishes.

How about your physician? your nurse? your priest or pastor? They, too, grieve and hurt, even as they heal other.

That’s how God works, through people touching other people, through friends reaching out to friends. Become a partner with God: busy yourself on His errands. As you minister to the needy and alienated around you, your own despair will begin to melt. Likewise, your own loneliness will begin to melt, and in its place, echoing joy will fill your void with peace and serenity.


One response

  1. Even Jesus feel loneliness when his disciples deserted him. One thing i like with Jesus he did not let loneliness affect his ministry.

    September 29, 2010 at 2:45 pm

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