Ways you can make a difference

Worried about the environment? Here are what one person can do:

  1. Save papers for recycling. One ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees.
  2. Plant trees, shrubbery, and flowers. They prevent soil erosion, provide cooling in summer, windbreakers and beautify the land.
  3. Use litter bags. If you don’t have one in you car, save the next strong plastic bag you get when you purchase something from a store.
  4. Donate magazines and paperbacks to hospitals and nursing homes.
  5. Build birdhouses and bat houses. Birds and bats will gladly dine on the insects in your garden.
  6. Use a kitchen towel to dry your hands instead of always reaching for a paper towel.
  7. Say “No bag, thanks” when you buy only one item at the store.
  8. Line dresser drawers with newspapers.
  9. When you see bugs in your plants, pick them off by hand instead of reaching for a chemical insecticide. If there are too many, try filling a squirt bottle with soapy water and spraying them.

10.  Put houseplants in every room. They freshen the air and raise the level of humidity.

11.  Instead of a room deodorant spray, try this. Boil a teaspoon of whole cloves and a stick of cinnamon in a print of water for 10 minutes.

12.  Take an inventory of electrical gadgets in your home. Do you really need an electric pencil sharpener?

13.  Leave the car in the garage for short trips and take a walk instead. You’ll get the benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise.

14.  For the times when you do take the car, try to plan several errands to accomplish in one trip. Buy groceries, take books back to the library, stop at the cleaners, etc.

15.  Use 4-55 air conditioning in your car.

16.  Pass up colored tissue and paper towels. Even though the paper is biodegradable, the dyes are pollutants.

17.  Plant sweet basil near front and back doors to discourage flies. And in the garden, plant sage, marigolds, and mint to make insects feel unwelcome.

18.  Take outgrown clothing to thrift shops, church collection boxes, etc.

19.  Reuse plastic tubs, they make great bathtub toys for kids, spill proof carriers for lunch boxes, and if they have see through tops, good containers for buttons, nails, screws, and rubber bands.

20.  Compact your garbage. Flatten cans and boxes. Put smaller ones inside larger ones.

21.  Pick up litter – not just your own – whenever you find it. Do your part to keep the world beautiful.

22.  Take five-minute showers.

23.  Buy eggs and milk in cardboard containers as a substitute of plastic.

24.  Whenever possible, use cold water for washing hands. It’s a wonderful world. Let’s preserve it for ourselves and our posterity.


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