Ah, High Technology!

home_page_graphicWe are in the age of high technology.  Just look for instance, at the area of communications. In the companies where most people work, they can make phone connections to major urban centers in the country via direct dialing. Overseas calls are even easier to make. And to think that several are based down south of the archipelago, in a faraway place, which not many of us could readily locate in the map.

At home, we get to view television programs. From our living room, I can enjoy movies as well as know the latest international news. Just by pressing button.

Thanks to technology!

We read about what experts call the age of global village. This has become possible because people can now communicate easily using, among others, fax machines and voice mails. The world at your finger tips, as one telecommunications company ad would say. Television and other electronic media, influential as ever, continue to showcase other people’s culture. Communications giants like FOX and CNN have been bringing the news to the world as they unfold. A communications wonder indeed!

With the advancement in communications comes the advancement of computers. We marvel at how these pieces of wonder equipment operate. They used to be only just another office equipment, but are now being utilized in advanced scientific researches, complex industrial operations and hold your breath, as controls of highly destructive military armaments! Computers have become so advanced that they are actually doing jobs used to be done by human hands. I am not surprised to know that some companies have retrenched workers because of automation. The irony is, man has struggled so hard to computerize only to find himself displaced by his own invention. Computers have in fact gone so far as correcting grammar.

Sure enough, technological progress has contributed to the convenience man is currently enjoying. From basic household chores like cooking, to entertainment, to highly advanced scientific breakthroughs, computers have gained a foothold.

Microwave ovens, cellular phones, remote-controlled appliances, laser discs, compact discs, – these are but a few examples of the wonders of this age.

And yet…

Yet, despite each new technological innovation and breakthrough, the world seems unable to cope with some basic problems.

Hunger and poverty continue to stalk us. Civil and tribal wars seem to be eternal. Environmental destruction continues. Another man or woman or child is diagnosed to be HIV-infected.

Alas, high technology has found answers to once-bewildering scientific phenomena, has stumbled upon clues which eventually unlocked scientific mysteries. Yet, despite all these, it has never taught man to be less greedy, more compassionate and reasonable, environment-friendly, less permissive and more judicious.

High technology… it has brought as where?


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    February 28, 2010 at 5:12 am

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