The Blessing of PAIN

The human body is regulated by a mechanism that produces a state of normalcy which technically is called homeostasis. Homeostasis, therefore, is a state when the systems of the body are normal and functioning properly.  One reason why a person is advised to eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, get enough fresh air and sunshine, and live in a healthy environment is to enable the body organs to remain in a state of homeostasis.

There are times, however, when homeostasis fails. Cells, tissues, or organs fail to function normally due to disease, physical defect, or damage brought about by accident. It is during these times when the body undergoes stress and sends alarm mechanisms to give warning to the individual to point which part of the body is affected or damaged. Such alarm mechanism is called pain.

The Physiology of Pain

The sensation of pain deserves special attention because it plays an exceedingly important protective role for the normalcy of the body. It appraises any type of damaging process to the body. Pain also causes appropriate muscular reactions to remove the body from contact with damaging stimuli, for example the sensation brought about contact with heat. In order to perceive pain, most parts of the body have pain receptors which are stimulated when the tissues are being damaged. The damaged tissue releases a substance that stimulates the receptor pain nerve endings of the affected tissue. This in turn carries the message to specific parts of the brain. Thus, when earlier the pain receptor endings or the brain is damaged, no pain is perceived. In such case a person may burn to death and not know that he is burning.

Pain is perceived differently by different individuals because each person has a different threshold level of tolerance. Some persons have high tolerance and can endure more intense pain than others. Different people react differently to the same pain since some react violently to slight pain, while others can withstand tremendous pain before reacting at all. It depends upon the mental setting or the psychic makeup of the individual concerned.

As many as the parts of the body are the number of pain receptor areas. One should be grateful and praise the great Engineer who created the body and installed in all its parts a built-in mechanism, the pain receptor, to provide signal when tissue damage occurs. On this premise one can say pain is a blessing because it provides warning signs of disease, damage or irritation.

Cancer, for example, is a disease that is generally fatal because the individual does not know that he is affected due to lack of pain. The individual becomes aware of the cancer when secondary abnormalities have set in and the disease is far beyond medication or surgery. The doctor pronounces his diagnosis and conclusion: one month, six months, and one year to live. The individual is destined to die never knowing when the cancer started due to lack of pain.

Pain should teach a person to take a close look at his lifestyle. In this fast-paced society, man should learn to relax property. He must not forget to play with a little child, to smell the fragrance of the flowers, and to listen to the rhythmic sound of the waves, the songs of the birds, the rushing flow of the river, and good music. Life is short, and pains may be unavoidable. But we can take them as blessings.


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