Children’s Rights

April 18, 2009…. as i am watching GMA7 Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’s episode – Children’s Rights….. i couldn’t  imagine why those children are working instead of playing. Others are joining kiddie beauty pageant which i think is a kind of exploitation.

These children should be treated like normal kids. They should be playing and studying and act like as a kid. These children are sacrificing their personal interest just to work to help their parents.

In Montalban, Rizal, there were children ages 10-12 carrying a heavy sacks loaded with fruits  and hike for how many hours just to sell it at the market and be paid for only P20.00. Some are selling charcoal or a firewood. These children called as “Batang Mangangalakal”. You might be asking, where are their parents? Well, both parents and children are working for their day to day survival.

Poverty in Philippines is very obvious. Everyday, Philippines is struggling with poverty that cause children to work. There are over 2 million of Filipino child labor  today. How’s that? What happen to the Government that i think  should be the one to help or do something to stop these children from working?

There are positive results for the children who are working. This is what we call, perseverance! Poverty did not stop them from aiming for what they want or dream. They took poverty as a challenged in their lives. It’s a good thing that there are some non-government institution who help these children teach lessons under a “Kariton Klasrum” (Pushcart Classroom).

Government officials… how could you ignore this kind of problem in our country? Where are your promises during those times you need every Filipino votes? Instead of helping poor people…. it is you who are getting more richer. It is you who are taking the opportunity and chances of the children to laid back and have fun with their playmates.

Please do not ignore the Rights of the Children. Do something good for your constituents not for yourself. Focus on what is good for the country not for yourself.


One response

  1. That poor children, their body are so fragile but they have to do a hard task just to live, but what kind of living??

    April 19, 2009 at 9:54 pm

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