Thank you Nanay!

“A gentle voice to calm my fears; a loving touch to dry my tears; a tender smile to say, “I care;”a miracle of life to share. A thoughtful dash of, “I love you;” a guiding light to help me though. A prayer of faith when I am down, a word of praise to lift my frown. For this and more I claim no other to take the place of you my dear NANAY.”

Mommy, Nanay, Mama, Inay, Inang, Nanang …. different endearment but one person. A person who gave us life. Who took good care of us. Who never let us down and gave us her undying love! A friend, a sister, an adviser,  a mentor, a protector… whatever it is… mother knows best. Sometimes we misunderstood her being protective. But for mother, it is the way of how she protect us from being hurt, from being into bad situation, from avoiding bad influences, from having a bad life. Sometimes we misunderstood her being nagger… but for her it is her way of reminding us to be good…… reminding us that our doings isn’t good… reminding us to always remember that there is God who is watching us and waiting us to call Him, to thank Him for the blessings we received……. reminding us that not all things should be done in easy way but by  perseverance. That’s mother to us!

me & nanay

Today, while looking at the picture of me and Nanay… it reminds me of those years she sacrifices for me. For the care she gave. For the tears she shed when everything was not okay. For the happiness she received when I succeed. For the comforting love she offered when Tatay left us. For continuing and sharing her life to be with me in times of troubles and happiness. She sacrifices everything, but then she didn’t complain. I am blessed for I have a mother like her. I am happy for I have a mother who pushed me to be confident and strong when I was about to give up. I am blessed for I have a mother who always supported me when I was in competitions, games, and exams. I  am blessed for I have a mother who never let me down. What more can I ask for? I have everything in my mother!

…for her goodness, for the care, for the love, for everything… Nanay deserve something special in return. To the whole world…. I am proud to say…. NANAY YOU ARE THE BEST MOTHER I EVER HAD. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING…. I LOVE YOU!!!


2 responses

  1. i am touched (hikbi) and of course you are so lucky. My inang is not that showy but i know i am special for her ehem. Love you nanay and love you inang. mwahhh

    January 22, 2009 at 7:40 pm

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    March 1, 2009 at 9:25 pm

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