Finally, we did it!


the recording

the recording

September, the Kita Choir trainor decided that the group must have a Christmas album. Mid-October, a meeting has been called. Planning of recording and other related matters about the Album. November, recording begun and approached some businessmen to be a sponsor of the said album.

Posters, streamers, and CD’s are all prepared. Then came the album launching. December 5, 7pm at La Milagrosa Academy Auditorium… everything is prepared as well as the performers (the Kita Choir). At first we thought it will not be successful. Eventually, everything went good and the audience had fun.

All songs are composed in Waray-waray language and most of them are  composed by our very own Choir Master Mr. Bong Obong  (a cousin of Nonoy Zuñiga).  Another composer is Naty Mancol, local artist and Mawe Doroja one of the Kita Choir member and Boy Nicolasora and Ronnie Obong also contributed their original compositions. We had guests performers like FranJohn and Fr. Roland Cajegas.

CD Album

CD Album


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