Glimpses of Calbayog

(adaptation from This Island Home)

Viewed best at sundown a flaming ball of orange on the surface of the sea’s rim, in the same ancient earth of sea and sky.

At the sky’s dome spreads a tropical Samar cloud with hundreds of shades of tangerine scattered brushed in deep and steady strokes the breeze softly blows across shaking only the frailest tendrils and when a deepening of purples lengthen becomes a homing vehicle for the light of birds in this sunset-drenched wets. Where, when captured in canvass is a lover’s dream fulfilled.

A waking life unabates – yet of languidness, yet, unified, colorful, unbreakable of men with skin darkened by the emerald sea and the Calbayog sun exposed to farming or fishing whose livelihood depends on the weather and a question brewing if or when is the weather, how substantial is the harvest?

Yet, even in this storm-battered island. Still, he is fun-loving andhappy contented with what he can get from the sea of the farm assuring himself that tomorrow shall be better than today.

They beloved of God for being God-fearing. Friends of men for their hospitality and friendliness for sharing to others even what little they have – their notable compassion and generosity.

Time will surely pass but like from their forebears all – still remain ever ingrained, solid, immutable.


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