How ODESK saved my day

Mid July, i was hired as a Quiz Writer (online job) at Devbook through A special friend introduce it to me and suggested to give it a try. At first i was kind a hesitant because of some internet scam. But when i heard about some odesk workers and their nature of work. I started taking tests at ODESK. Apparently, i passed the tests. That was the time ODESK started sending job alerts in my email. I applied at Devbook and they hired me, and right there and then ask me to make quizzes.

After one month of waiting, (that was 1st week of September) my ODESK card arrived with of course an amount paid by Devbook for the quizzes i made. But i have to wait 4 days more before i can withdraw the money. Two days before i got the money, we run to the hospital with my nanay because she can’t breath properly and i thought that was the end of her life. Doctor checked her and diagnosed her with concurrent pheumonia, pulmonary edema, pulmonary thrombeombolism, aneurysmal dilatation of the atheromatous aorta and asymmetrically enlarged heart (dunno these findings really). Since i am the only daughter, i was so hopeless on where to find money to buy the medicines of my mother and to pay the hospital bills in a big amount. To the extent that i almost forgot that i have already my odesk card and the money was waiting for me. Fortunately, nanay was out of the hospital and i paid the bills.

ODESK really saved my day and my mother as well. Until now i am still working as a QUIZ WRITER and i’m having so much fun and learning new things. And i am proud to be an ODESK provider.

To the ODESK family, two thumbs up for YOU providing good buyers and helping people in need for a job.



One response

  1. Venky

    be careful with leaving an image of your odesk card – its like a debit card and some one can misuse it

    October 28, 2008 at 9:11 pm

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