The 48erz ’08 EB

After the Charity Outreach Program… the group proceeded to the house of sis Mia at Antipolo. While waiting for the time to go to the Resort where the EB was held, we stayed for how many hours at sis Mia’s house.

Sis Mia and her family prepared some foods and drinks (SML) that the group drink while singing with their videoke. Some of us took a rest (slept) even though the sounds is too loud.

When it was time to go to the place where the EB held… we bring a lot of foods and drinks.

The place was very cozy and private. It is located at Antipolo where you can see the whole manila. It is a two story building with 2 big bedrooms and CR at the 2nd floor and a bedroom, dinning table, CR, kitchen on the 1st floor. Outside the house is a pool that can accomodate 15-20

persons with tables and chairs on the side.

Foods are everywhere…… drinks are just around the corner…. videoke is just waiting for the singers….name it and you can have it!

To the members who confirmed to attend the EB that did not come….you missed half of your life for not attending.


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