My Pet

Mizzy is my pets' name... she is a lovable dog!
Princess Mizzy

MIZZY is 10 months old. She is the daughter of Kenzy (Red’s pet). She was 2 months old when Red gave to me.  Mizzy is a lovable dog. I used to call her mizzytot for i find her cute. Mizzy’s asset is her hairy ass and tail (lol). She is so makulit! She sleep with me at my bed and share my blanket. You wouldn’t believe this… she is a camera concious. She knows when to do a pose when she saw a camera. She is staying in our house and we never allow her to go out.

I remember one time, nanay (my mother) was sicked and been lying down on her bed. Mizzy stayed at her side as if she is a nurse. When nanay should pee, mizzy would go with her. Mizzy knows if one of the member in our family is sick. She wouldn’t leave you until she sees you okay. She is a type of dog you will love.

By the way… my best friend MJ gave her that name, a combination of our name. M stands for Mary and IZZ taken from my name and Y from joY. Unique isn’t it? Thanks to you best and thank you redtot ko… loveu both muahhhhh


One response

  1. redfieryheart

    Good job! I hope you do blogging regularly. Love you babytot.

    October 10, 2008 at 2:47 am

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