My bestfriend, my sister

My bestfriend and my sister…. that is what she is to me! She used to call me ate or best. I met her at OFWroom48. Though we met through chatting, we have this friendship that nobody can break. We shared secrets, problems. We even fight which is normal to any relationships. She is a good listener. And when you hear her laugh… you would probably laugh too for her laughter is contagious. She is a type of person that you can say no when she ask you something in a “LAMBING” (sweet) way. But don’t make her mad, you can see a real dragon and you cant stop her from talking and i am telling you…. you cant swallow her words hehehe… if she doesn’t like your behavior, she would tell you without hesitation. Some say she is “mataray”, but in real (though we never meet) she is malambing (very sweet) and kalog (candid) and…… well, it’s for you to discover the real MJ. hehehehe


One response

  1. mj

    best sorry ngayon lang me nag post anyways ty so much for being there for me..our friendship was tested by time and were still going strong.. mawala man lahat wag lang ikaw kasi pag nawala sila i know you’ll be there for me…best longing to see you and let you feel how much you mean to me…i love you and ty for adopting me as your sister kahit makulit, mataray…e mana lang naman ako sayo kaya wag ng aangal bawal…waaaaaaaaaa di ko pala blog ito sensya na…hahah best love you po…keep it up.!!!!

    March 16, 2009 at 11:12 am

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