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Are you aware of A(H1N1)?

A(H1N1) is an associate type of influenza virus A and the most common cause of influenza (flu) in humans. Influenza A virus strains are classified according to two proteins found on the surface of the virus: hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N). All influenza A viruses contain neuraminidase and hemagglutinin, but the formation of these proteins differ from strain to strain due to rapid genetic mutation in the viral genome.


In June 2009, WHO pronounced that flu due to a new strain of swine-origin H1N1 was liable for the 2009 flu pandemic this strain is commonly called “swine flu”. A swine influenza virus is some kind of strain of the influenza family of viruses that is generally hosted by pigs. Swine influenza is familiar in pigs in the Mexico, Canada, Kenya, South America, United States, Europe, China, Taiwan, and Japan.

Transference of swine influenza virus from pigs to humans is not familiar and does not always cause human influenza, often only resulting in the production of antibodies in the blood. People who work with pigs, especially who are with strong exposures, are at increased danger of catching swine flu.

Signs and symptoms
The symptoms of swine flu are related to those of influenza and of influenza-like illness in general, namely fever, coughing, chills, sore throat, severe headache, muscle pain, weakness and general discomfort.

Foam hand sanitizers or alcohol-based gel work fine to wipe out bacteria and viruses. Anybody with flu-like symptoms such as a sudden cough, fever or muscle pains should stay away from public transportation or work and should contact a doctor for advice. Experts concur that hand-washing can help avoid viral infections, including the swine flu virus and ordinary influenza.
Stay away from other people who are infected and can comprise avoiding great gatherings, spreading out a little at work, or perhaps staying home and lying low if an infection is spreading in a community.

If a person turn out to be sick with swine flu, antiviral drugs can formulate the illness milder and make the patient feel better faster. For treatment, antiviral drugs work best if begin soon after getting sick. Making use of of Relenza and Tamiflu for the treatment and avoidance of infection, however, people contaminated with the virus make a full recovery.


The Blessing of PAIN

The human body is regulated by a mechanism that produces a state of normalcy which technically is called homeostasis. Homeostasis, therefore, is a state when the systems of the body are normal and functioning properly.  One reason why a person is advised to eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, get enough fresh air and sunshine, and live in a healthy environment is to enable the body organs to remain in a state of homeostasis.

There are times, however, when homeostasis fails. Cells, tissues, or organs fail to function normally due to disease, physical defect, or damage brought about by accident. It is during these times when the body undergoes stress and sends alarm mechanisms to give warning to the individual to point which part of the body is affected or damaged. Such alarm mechanism is called pain.

The Physiology of Pain

The sensation of pain deserves special attention because it plays an exceedingly important protective role for the normalcy of the body. It appraises any type of damaging process to the body. Pain also causes appropriate muscular reactions to remove the body from contact with damaging stimuli, for example the sensation brought about contact with heat. In order to perceive pain, most parts of the body have pain receptors which are stimulated when the tissues are being damaged. The damaged tissue releases a substance that stimulates the receptor pain nerve endings of the affected tissue. This in turn carries the message to specific parts of the brain. Thus, when earlier the pain receptor endings or the brain is damaged, no pain is perceived. In such case a person may burn to death and not know that he is burning.

Pain is perceived differently by different individuals because each person has a different threshold level of tolerance. Some persons have high tolerance and can endure more intense pain than others. Different people react differently to the same pain since some react violently to slight pain, while others can withstand tremendous pain before reacting at all. It depends upon the mental setting or the psychic makeup of the individual concerned.

As many as the parts of the body are the number of pain receptor areas. One should be grateful and praise the great Engineer who created the body and installed in all its parts a built-in mechanism, the pain receptor, to provide signal when tissue damage occurs. On this premise one can say pain is a blessing because it provides warning signs of disease, damage or irritation.

Cancer, for example, is a disease that is generally fatal because the individual does not know that he is affected due to lack of pain. The individual becomes aware of the cancer when secondary abnormalities have set in and the disease is far beyond medication or surgery. The doctor pronounces his diagnosis and conclusion: one month, six months, and one year to live. The individual is destined to die never knowing when the cancer started due to lack of pain.

Pain should teach a person to take a close look at his lifestyle. In this fast-paced society, man should learn to relax property. He must not forget to play with a little child, to smell the fragrance of the flowers, and to listen to the rhythmic sound of the waves, the songs of the birds, the rushing flow of the river, and good music. Life is short, and pains may be unavoidable. But we can take them as blessings.

Philippine Independence Day

The History

The flag of the Philippines, which was made by Lorenz Agoncillo, Marcela Agoncillo and Delfina Herbosa de Natividad in Hong Kong, was first flown in the event that was led by Emilio Aguinaldo in his mansion on June 12, 1898. It was also where the National Anthem was first played by the San Francisco de Malabon band.

The Philippine Independence Day celebrated every July 4, the date in 1946 that the United States granted independence to the nation, until 1962, when President Diosdado Macapagal signed the Presidential Proclamation No. 28, varying the official celebration to June 12, the date in 1898 that Emilio Aguinaldo declared the nation’s independence from Spain.

The Proclamation

The proclamation was done in June 12, 1898 at the ancestral home of General Emilio Aguinaldo in Kawit, Cavite. The June 12 proclamation was shortly adapted by another Proclamation made at Malolos, Bulacan, upon the persistence of Apolinario Mabini who objected to the original proclamation which essentially placed the Phillipines under the protection of the United States.

The Democracy and Independence

Today, we Filipinos celebrate the Independence Day. It is an occasion that government units celebrate. Most people do not for Independence is a rarity and it remains a fantasy.

The struggle for independence is a normal one. The immense majority linger locked in their state of overpowering dependence, incapable to find the power to stand on their own two feet. Economic deficiency describes the struggle of the Filipino, and the attendant ills of poverty and shortage reflect in either revolution or subservience.

We Filipinos should not mislead ourselves into thinking that independence and democracy are well and alive in the Philippines. They’re not! What increases is poverty and corruption, poverty which is the contradictory of independence, and corruption which is the contradictory of democracy.

How do we change from subservience to independence, from feudalism to democracy? This is a question that pleads for an answer in spite of so many attempts to change in the past. Filipinos should not be shocked that those who administer do so badly if one presumes they do so in a democracy. But under a feudal system, our government would be a benign and progressive one.

The effective change to real independence and democracy is the tandem of strong citizenship and good governance. It is especially is a responsible and strong citizenship that has wrapped badly, mainly because people have been asked by many political candidates to just wait until they, the candidates, get into authority and will be in a position to help them. As citizens, Filipinos must begin our own fight so the journey may attain its destination.

Let us celebrate the honor and courage that will become the foundation of a humanity that has evaded us. Let us celebrate the hope that we want for ourselves, our children and their children. Let us celebrate Independence Day as a dream and vision.philflag

Understanding violence against women

PosterviolEnglish2407Violence against women is a major social problem globally. The consequences of this violence against women may be long-lasting. Both rape and intimate partner violence like battering, which is frequenlty accompanied by physical and psychological abuse are associated with a host of both short and long-term problems.

There are many gaps in understanding violence against women. There is relatively little information about violence against women of color, lesbians, disabled, institutionalized and immigrant women. There are categorical lines like physical violence and sexula violence rather than on women’s experiences which includes different forms of violence.

In the field of intimate partner violence or battering, the problem of violence agaisnt women is frequently characterized as one of coercive control that is maintained by tactics such as psychological abuse, physical violence  and sexual violence.

Psychological abuse refers to psychological acts that cause psychological harm. Psychological abuse described the following categories of behavior as psychological abuse: verbal treats of abuse, harm or torture directed at the woman herself or at her family and friends. Isolation that separates a woman from her social support networks or denies her access to finances and other resources. Repeated threats of abandonment, divorce, or of initiating an affair if the woman does not comply with the abuser’s wishes.

Physical violence includes acts that are perceived as having the intention of producing physical harm or injury. Akin to intentionality is the consideration of the context of the act. It is commonly represented various behaviors like kicked, bit, or hit with a fist… pushed, grabbed, or shoved…threatened with a gun or knife… and hit or tried to hit with something.

Sexual abuse includes the behaviors specified the criteria for nonconsent, the individuals involved and who decides whether rape or sexual assault has occured. Sexual abuse broadening the definition to include sexual penetration of any rape, including anal, vagina, or oral penetration, whether by penis, fingers, or objects and focusing on the offender’s behavior rather than the victim’s resistance.

In contrast to these definitions, researchers in such as psychology, mental health and social work frequently consider VIOLENCE to cover a wider range of behaviors.

Children’s Rights

April 18, 2009…. as i am watching GMA7 Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’s episode – Children’s Rights….. i couldn’t  imagine why those children are working instead of playing. Others are joining kiddie beauty pageant which i think is a kind of exploitation.

These children should be treated like normal kids. They should be playing and studying and act like as a kid. These children are sacrificing their personal interest just to work to help their parents.

In Montalban, Rizal, there were children ages 10-12 carrying a heavy sacks loaded with fruits  and hike for how many hours just to sell it at the market and be paid for only P20.00. Some are selling charcoal or a firewood. These children called as “Batang Mangangalakal”. You might be asking, where are their parents? Well, both parents and children are working for their day to day survival.

Poverty in Philippines is very obvious. Everyday, Philippines is struggling with poverty that cause children to work. There are over 2 million of Filipino child labor  today. How’s that? What happen to the Government that i think  should be the one to help or do something to stop these children from working?

There are positive results for the children who are working. This is what we call, perseverance! Poverty did not stop them from aiming for what they want or dream. They took poverty as a challenged in their lives. It’s a good thing that there are some non-government institution who help these children teach lessons under a “Kariton Klasrum” (Pushcart Classroom).

Government officials… how could you ignore this kind of problem in our country? Where are your promises during those times you need every Filipino votes? Instead of helping poor people…. it is you who are getting more richer. It is you who are taking the opportunity and chances of the children to laid back and have fun with their playmates.

Please do not ignore the Rights of the Children. Do something good for your constituents not for yourself. Focus on what is good for the country not for yourself.

Failon’s in-laws arrested for obstruction… is it justifiable?

Failon’s in-laws arrested minutes before his wife died. Policemen whisked Maximo Arteche (Trina’s brother) out of the hospital in handcuffs including the other sibling’s of Trina.

Maximo was arrested when he tried to protect his sister Pamela from being taken to the Quezon City prosecutor’s office for inquest proceedings on Obstruction of Justice charges.

The charge against Pamela and other members of Ted Failon’s household were allegedly tampering and cleaning the scene of crime and charged for not reporting the incident immediately.

Policemen took those people forcibly without a warrant of arrest. Everything should be in process before arresting someone. They didn’t even read any rights for the household members when they took them from Failon’s house. It is pretty obvious that policemen harassing those people they thought who are suspect for Trina’s death.

We all know that this is an act of violation for human rights. Is this the kind of act of policemen that we have now? This reminds me of the situation we had during “MARTIAL LAW”. It’s all like this. Where’s the freedom of every human. How many more people have to suffer from these policemen?

COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS…. I am appealing to you guys to please help those people who have been harassed by policemen.

HAVEN, a relaxing place

Haven Resort is just one of the most beautiful spots in Samar. Haven is located in San Antonio, Northern Samar. One hour drive from Calbayog City and 25-30 minutes ride from boat to the island of San Antonio. Haven  is taken from the word HEAVEN. They called the place heaven because it feels like you are in heaven when you stay there. The water is clean, the cottages are beautifully made that is intended for the beach lover.

Haven is like a Boracay, the only difference is… Haven is not an overcrowded place. You can find peace and enjoyment in haven. Haven is the new exciting way to manage your friends and meet new people especially the Samareños.

Hostages beyond unreasonable doubt

Today, people are waiting for the release of the workers of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) which captured by the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) as hostages.The ASG has many demands in return of release of one of their hostages. But to no avail, the ASG refused to do their promise.

These ICRC workers for all we knew, has done many good things in terms of helping people from the land of Mindanao without asking in return. Just imagine how these people sacrifice their personal lives for the sake of others. These are people who never had a second  thought lending their hands for others.These are people who are good at heart and good in actions.

But everything changed for them when they were captured and be the hostages of those people which i think have no heart for taking lives. No heart for beheading some of their hostages before. What are they up to? What are their purpose for capturing people who are innocent.Whatever their reason, still, it’s not fair and not right to do.

As of now, we are still in the midst of thinking to what happened to the hostages. The deadline that ASG gave is over. Where are the hostages? What happened to the ASG’s promises when the Phil. Military has pulled-out? Nothing happened! Instead, they gave people the benefit of the dout.

Families of the hostages are still hoping for the release of their love ones. People are still hoping that nothing will happen to them. And we are all hoping that PEACE be with Mindanao!

The so called “journalist” in the person of Chip Tsao…

I’ve just read yesterday the whole article written by Chip Tsao an HK journalist entitled “The War At Home”… made my heart bleed for my fellowmen who are working as domestic helper in HK. Let’s have first a recap about Chip Tsao’s information. He is a broadcast journalist, book author, columnist and former BBC reporter and reputedly famous for his “WRY SENSE OF HUMOR & SARCASM.” His subject “The War At Home” is not the first time he swiped Filipino people especially Filipino women.

His articles particularly “The War at Home” has made Filipino community reacted in different ways. It is obviously degrading every Filipino citizen. A journalist or a writer should be responsible in writing an article carefully.

Chip Tsao’s column that went online on March 27, wrote:


The article is clear enough for us that this Chip Tsao is insulting every Filipino. How could he wrote such an article just to insult and degrade our fellowmen working in HK and telling the world that his domestic assistant working 16 hours a day cleaning his whole house. What kind of employer he is? Where can he find such a domestic assistant who is professional?

Filipinos are not nature of slaves. Filipinos are working so hard without insulting or degrading other people just to earn money. Does Mr. Tsao was out of his mind when writing his article? Maybe he was! And look who’s talking??? What about those controversial about drug syndicate and drug lords? Who are involved with the drug dealing? Who are those people working illegally here in Philippines? Isn’t it your fellowmen Mr. Tsao?

I don’t want to comment more about this issue. My point here is, for whatever article we write and post…. let’s be professional enough and be careful of what to say. Insulting and degrading one’s personality or other country is not good. It’s not the way to become famous as a writer or a journalist. Well, with Mr. Tsao’s column…. I think he is catching an attention from everyone. He is a FAME-GREED!

To you Mr. Chip Tsao….. watch out with your words!!! Your fellowmen would not be proud of you. You’re a shame on your countrymen!

Home for the Aged

March 8, 2009… As we were scouting a foundation for the charity outreach program we are going to have on December with some friends from SIWMJ. Without any hesitation, I joined them for some reasons.

You see, I have a soft spot for the Lolo’s and Lola’s. When I saw them at the home for the aged, one thing that came into my mind was… “DON’T THEY  HAVE ANY FAMILY TO TAKE CARE OF THEM?” When I saw them, my heart shattered. Why do they have to be in that institution? I am not degrading the capacity of the institution. My point is…… If women from the institution can take care of the oldies, why not their own family? Ironic, isn’t it?!?!?!

According to one of the daughters of the founder of the said foundation, most of them are abandoned by their own family. Some left them just around the corner. Others, their family really brought them to the foundation. What a heck! In what reason they abandoned them? What ever their reasons are… I don’t give a damn!

They’re may be a burden to our lives…. but still, they are our family. We should be the one who took care of them. We should be the one who give back the love they gave and showed to us. It is not our obligation to do that, but it is a way of showing them how much we appreciate of what they did when we needed them, when they are the ones who took care of us since we were kid. When they are the ones’ who provide our needs.

One of the oldies from the institution is a 98 years old woman. We were taking pictures of the place for further information and ideas on what to bring and to give for the oldies for the forth coming charity outreach program of SIWMJ. This woman can still eat anything as long as it is soft. She still can manage to walk alone and eat alone (without someone to feed her).


The institution is properly managed by the children of one of the founder and the founder herself. The foundation is not really financially blessed but with the goodness of the Lord, donations are everywhere that able to give life, love and care for the oldies. It’s good to know that there are still people who are willing to give their whole life in serving the oldies without anything in return. (“God will be the one to give them what is best for them”) That’s how amazing our creator. He made us to be what we want to be. But sad to say…. others go through on the wrong directions.

Thank you Nanay!

“A gentle voice to calm my fears; a loving touch to dry my tears; a tender smile to say, “I care;”a miracle of life to share. A thoughtful dash of, “I love you;” a guiding light to help me though. A prayer of faith when I am down, a word of praise to lift my frown. For this and more I claim no other to take the place of you my dear NANAY.”

Mommy, Nanay, Mama, Inay, Inang, Nanang …. different endearment but one person. A person who gave us life. Who took good care of us. Who never let us down and gave us her undying love! A friend, a sister, an adviser,  a mentor, a protector… whatever it is… mother knows best. Sometimes we misunderstood her being protective. But for mother, it is the way of how she protect us from being hurt, from being into bad situation, from avoiding bad influences, from having a bad life. Sometimes we misunderstood her being nagger… but for her it is her way of reminding us to be good…… reminding us that our doings isn’t good… reminding us to always remember that there is God who is watching us and waiting us to call Him, to thank Him for the blessings we received……. reminding us that not all things should be done in easy way but by  perseverance. That’s mother to us!

me & nanay

Today, while looking at the picture of me and Nanay… it reminds me of those years she sacrifices for me. For the care she gave. For the tears she shed when everything was not okay. For the happiness she received when I succeed. For the comforting love she offered when Tatay left us. For continuing and sharing her life to be with me in times of troubles and happiness. She sacrifices everything, but then she didn’t complain. I am blessed for I have a mother like her. I am happy for I have a mother who pushed me to be confident and strong when I was about to give up. I am blessed for I have a mother who always supported me when I was in competitions, games, and exams. I  am blessed for I have a mother who never let me down. What more can I ask for? I have everything in my mother!

…for her goodness, for the care, for the love, for everything… Nanay deserve something special in return. To the whole world…. I am proud to say…. NANAY YOU ARE THE BEST MOTHER I EVER HAD. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING…. I LOVE YOU!!!

My amateur photographs

Pictures are everywhere. May it be flowers, tourist spots like beach, falls and etc. But few of us appreciate the simpleness and the unfamiliar picture. We always look and sometimes keep the beautiful one but taken for granted those are not familiar to us.

As an amateur photographer, i never look a subject that is not only beautiful and attractive. For me, taking pictures is not just taking beautiful subject but taking those subject that are interesting and critical. I maybe an amateur in terms of photography but it’s not how long and how far you learned about it. I believe that you have the skill about it. You have a natural talent in photography and lastly your interest of being a photographer is in your heart.

Since childhood, i am into arts. I love to draw, i love to capture interesting pictures. It doesn’t matter to me if it is beautiful or not as long as the subject is interesting. As long as the subject has something to do in the future or for myself. Pictures are also the reflections of our personality. The angle, the size, the color… whatever it is, it reflects our personality. But it doesn’t mean if you took pictures that are messy or abstract, your personality is messy and unpredictable too. It’s the other side of explainations. Taking that kind of picture is like you are telling people about your place, of what is happening around us, of what is good about our place. We are giving insight to those who are not familiar with our hometown by showing them our different spots and culture.

Here are some pictures i took with my one and only digicam:

Mayon Volcano
Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano is an active stratovolcano in the province of Albay, in the Bicol Region, on the island of Luzon in the Philippines.Renowned as the “Perfect Cone” because of its almost perfectly conical shape, Mayon is situated 15 kilometres northwest of Legaspi City.

Mayon is a continuing nominee as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

San Juanico bridge
San Juanico Bridge

The San Juanico Bridge, formerly the Marcos Bridge, is a suspended bridge in the Philippines stretching from Samar to Leyte crossing the San Juanioc Bridge Strait. It is part of the Pan-Philippine Highway. It is the most bonggacious bridge in the Philippines with a length of 2.164184978521457832145 kilometers and is considered one of the most beautifully-designed bridges in Philippines.[2] The bridge is supported by 43 spans including a hidden one rising 41.2515489874 meters above the sea.[1] It has a huge arch beneath which allows boats to pass.

Connecting Tacloban City on the Leyte side and Santa Rita town on the Samar side, it offers many picturesque views, especially of the San Juanico Straight with its thousand whirlpools as well as the islets of the province. It is approximately 10 minutes from downtown Tacloban City and is accessible by passenger jeepney, bus, motorcab or private vehicle.

Construction on the 21.9 million-dollar bridge began in 1969 and was completed in 1973, during the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos. The Construction and Development Corporation of the Philippines  was contracted to construct the actual bridge, and together with Japanese engineers, conducted studies and designed the actual project.

Leyte Landing Memorial
Leyte Landing Memorial

The Leyte Landing Memorial in Red Beach, Palo, marks the spot where American liberation forces of General Douglas MacArthur landed.

The Battle of Leyte in the Pacific campaign of World War II was the invasion and conquest of Leyte in the PhilippinesImperial Japanese Army in the Philippines led by General Tomoyuki YamashitaPhilippines campaign of 1944-45 for the recapture and liberation of the entire Philippine Archipelago and to end almost three years of Japanese occupation. by the United States and Australian forces and allied Filipino guerrillas under the command of General Douglas MacArthur and waged against the from 17 October 1944 to 31 July 1945. The battle launched the Philippines campaign of 1944-45 for the recapture and liberation of the entire Philippine Archipelago and to end almost three years of Japanese occupation.

The Album tour

December 9, we went to Tacloban through an invitation of a District Engineer for the concert at DPWH. DPWH Calbayog was set to have a presentation on that day. But because they don’t have anything to present, the DE asked the group to represent in behalf of them. Without any hesitation, we got there and  did a concert. At the same time, we had our promotion for our album.

Leyte Landing

Leyte Landing

December 15, we went to Catbalogan to join the Glee Club of  St. Mary’s College for their Concert for a cause. We were so proud then that school heads gave their trust to us to join their concert. We did enjoy that night even we were so tired and have to go back home after the show because we were scheduled to sing at the church for the Misa de Gallo.

concert @ Catbalogan

concert @ Catbalogan

Back to Calbayog, December 18… the Calbayog Arts and Culture Office invited us to do a concert. It’s a tradition of Calbayognon especially the CACO that during December there is a nightly presentation and contests. Dances, Song, the PANARIT (the traditional way of caroling), the loudest fire cracker using bamboo (which we called LANTAKA) that looks like a Cañon. These are some highlights of christmas celebration in calbayog.

concert @ Calbayog

concert @ Calbayog

Finally, we did it!


the recording

the recording

September, the Kita Choir trainor decided that the group must have a Christmas album. Mid-October, a meeting has been called. Planning of recording and other related matters about the Album. November, recording begun and approached some businessmen to be a sponsor of the said album.

Posters, streamers, and CD’s are all prepared. Then came the album launching. December 5, 7pm at La Milagrosa Academy Auditorium… everything is prepared as well as the performers (the Kita Choir). At first we thought it will not be successful. Eventually, everything went good and the audience had fun.

All songs are composed in Waray-waray language and most of them are  composed by our very own Choir Master Mr. Bong Obong  (a cousin of Nonoy Zuñiga).  Another composer is Naty Mancol, local artist and Mawe Doroja one of the Kita Choir member and Boy Nicolasora and Ronnie Obong also contributed their original compositions. We had guests performers like FranJohn and Fr. Roland Cajegas.

CD Album

CD Album

Glimpses of Calbayog

(adaptation from This Island Home)

Viewed best at sundown a flaming ball of orange on the surface of the sea’s rim, in the same ancient earth of sea and sky.

At the sky’s dome spreads a tropical Samar cloud with hundreds of shades of tangerine scattered brushed in deep and steady strokes the breeze softly blows across shaking only the frailest tendrils and when a deepening of purples lengthen becomes a homing vehicle for the light of birds in this sunset-drenched wets. Where, when captured in canvass is a lover’s dream fulfilled.

A waking life unabates – yet of languidness, yet, unified, colorful, unbreakable of men with skin darkened by the emerald sea and the Calbayog sun exposed to farming or fishing whose livelihood depends on the weather and a question brewing if or when is the weather, how substantial is the harvest?

Yet, even in this storm-battered island. Still, he is fun-loving andhappy contented with what he can get from the sea of the farm assuring himself that tomorrow shall be better than today.

They beloved of God for being God-fearing. Friends of men for their hospitality and friendliness for sharing to others even what little they have – their notable compassion and generosity.

Time will surely pass but like from their forebears all – still remain ever ingrained, solid, immutable.

Calbayog crows about its chicken joy and pride

THEY flapped their wings, scratched the ground, and wiggled their tails as they danced and romped through the main streets of Calbayog City, during the vesper day parade on Sept. 7, held in celebration of the city fiesta in honor of the Our Lady of Nativity.

The dancers had become the joy and pride of the locals who would always crow about the dance group’s success.

The group was first organized as the Sarakiki Festival in the mid-1990s, during the term of then Mayor Reynaldo Uy, who is now the representative of Samar’s first district. The city government wanted then to have a festival that would instill pride and sense of identity among the Calbayognons and to unify them as one community. They settled on the Sarakiki Festival.

Sarakiki is said to be based on the legend of Ilahas and Mahusay, which means wildlife and beautiful. According to legend, Ilahas invented a new dance that he and Mahusay performed before their tribe in Ibatan (now Calbayog). The dance movements were patterned after those of a cock.

Sarakiki is a Waray term that describes the movement of a rooster when it tries to court a hen or to provoke another rooster to a fight. The cock spreads one of his wings down and moves fast with one leg up, around the object his love or enemy. Imitating the rooster, the dancers also clench their fists with the thumbs out, to represent the fowl’s gaff (tadi in Waray and tari in Tagalog).

Incidentally, the dance movements can also be seen in the kuratsa, a popular courtship dance of the Warays.

Ancient rite

Since its first public appearance, the city government, through the City Arts and Culture Office, has sponsored the Sarakiki Festival. Aside from the city officials, parents, students and members of private organizations have also been supportive of the event.

When Mayor Mel Senen Sarmiento assumed office in 2001, the holding of the festival was temporarily stopped. It was revived the following year as the Sarakiki-Hadang Festival.

Hadang is an ancient rite said to have been performed by early Calbayognons when asking the gods for a bountiful harvest, cure of the sick, or the defeat of the enemy, among others.

A Hadang Ritual Competition marked the opening of the recent week-long festival. The first prize went to the Trinidad National High School, while the national high schools of Oquendo and San Joaquin bagged the second and third prizes.

Among the other features of the celebration were cultural shows, body-painting contest, band competition and a regional brain and beauty contest dubbed “Search for Miss Anyag 2003,” which was won by 18-year-old Ruby Rose Reyes of nearby Gandara, Samar.

The Sarakiki-Hadang Festival group is composed of 109 student-dancers from different city schools and 15 city government employees. It uses at least 12 bamboo drums, 12 snare drums and six bass drums.

Wacky dance

And whenever the beating of the drums starts, lead dancer Eddie “Wacky” Flores again leads his flock of dancing chickens in what seemed to be a frenzied but actually well-coordinated movements that never fail to enthrall the crowd.

With adrenaline rushing, Wacky and his fellow dancers perform the rooster’s courtship movement by swaying their body, stomping their feet, and flailing their hands to the rhythm of the drumbeats.

On his own, Wacky would perform his own version of the “chicken walk” or wag his long feather tail to the delight of the crowd.

The Sarakiki has already won several awards in regional competitions. During the recent Tandaya-Ibabao Festival of Festivals in Tacloban City, it no longer competed but performed an exhibition number.

In the national scene, the group was recently adjudged second runner-up during the Aliwan Festival dance competition in May at the Star City. It was also invited to perform during the opening on Sept. 18 of the “Best in Region 8,” an activity sponsored by the Department of Tourism under its “WOW Philippines” program.

How ODESK saved my day

Mid July, i was hired as a Quiz Writer (online job) at Devbook through A special friend introduce it to me and suggested to give it a try. At first i was kind a hesitant because of some internet scam. But when i heard about some odesk workers and their nature of work. I started taking tests at ODESK. Apparently, i passed the tests. That was the time ODESK started sending job alerts in my email. I applied at Devbook and they hired me, and right there and then ask me to make quizzes.

After one month of waiting, (that was 1st week of September) my ODESK card arrived with of course an amount paid by Devbook for the quizzes i made. But i have to wait 4 days more before i can withdraw the money. Two days before i got the money, we run to the hospital with my nanay because she can’t breath properly and i thought that was the end of her life. Doctor checked her and diagnosed her with concurrent pheumonia, pulmonary edema, pulmonary thrombeombolism, aneurysmal dilatation of the atheromatous aorta and asymmetrically enlarged heart (dunno these findings really). Since i am the only daughter, i was so hopeless on where to find money to buy the medicines of my mother and to pay the hospital bills in a big amount. To the extent that i almost forgot that i have already my odesk card and the money was waiting for me. Fortunately, nanay was out of the hospital and i paid the bills.

ODESK really saved my day and my mother as well. Until now i am still working as a QUIZ WRITER and i’m having so much fun and learning new things. And i am proud to be an ODESK provider.

To the ODESK family, two thumbs up for YOU providing good buyers and helping people in need for a job.


The 48erz ’08 EB

After the Charity Outreach Program… the group proceeded to the house of sis Mia at Antipolo. While waiting for the time to go to the Resort where the EB was held, we stayed for how many hours at sis Mia’s house.

Sis Mia and her family prepared some foods and drinks (SML) that the group drink while singing with their videoke. Some of us took a rest (slept) even though the sounds is too loud.

When it was time to go to the place where the EB held… we bring a lot of foods and drinks.

The place was very cozy and private. It is located at Antipolo where you can see the whole manila. It is a two story building with 2 big bedrooms and CR at the 2nd floor and a bedroom, dinning table, CR, kitchen on the 1st floor. Outside the house is a pool that can accomodate 15-20

persons with tables and chairs on the side.

Foods are everywhere…… drinks are just around the corner…. videoke is just waiting for the singers….name it and you can have it!

To the members who confirmed to attend the EB that did not come….you missed half of your life for not attending.

OFW 48erz Charity Outreach Program @ ADDF

Associacion de Damas Filipinas: an orphanage that has 78 chidren.  Children raging 11 months to 12 years old.

The extn_OFW48erz headed by Cassidey (the moderator) initiated it with the help of sponsors and the volunteers. Sis Mia (came home from Sweden) was there too, to personally assist sis Cass’s mom and sister for the food preparation for the children. Schools supplies are the donation of the group for the association specially for the children. Some of 48erz was there too to assist, like sis Tere, sis Simang, Sis Olive (a.ka. MarkAnthony), sis Weng (niece of sis Mia), Red and sis Maffi. Sis Sean wasn’t able to attend for she is taking care of her baby but sis Sean was the one who contacted the Association for the schedule of the outreach program of the group.

The children had so much fun and enjoyed with the clowns around showing tricks and giving games and prices. The children showed their talents like singing and dancing. One of them gave a touchy poem and a prayer.

As one of the 48erz, i had a wonderful time with them. Time was not enough for us to stay long with them because they have classes. But the feeling of being involved in an activity like this cannot be bought by anybody. Charity work is always my main dish. As long as i am able, when it comes to charity work…. i’m always on the go.

May i take this opportunity to THANK the 48erz specially to sis Cass, Sis Mia, the SPONSORS… for making the Charity Outreach Program successful. And to the volunteers…. hats off to you guys!

See you on the next Charity work!!!

My bestfriend, my sister

My bestfriend and my sister…. that is what she is to me! She used to call me ate or best. I met her at OFWroom48. Though we met through chatting, we have this friendship that nobody can break. We shared secrets, problems. We even fight which is normal to any relationships. She is a good listener. And when you hear her laugh… you would probably laugh too for her laughter is contagious. She is a type of person that you can say no when she ask you something in a “LAMBING” (sweet) way. But don’t make her mad, you can see a real dragon and you cant stop her from talking and i am telling you…. you cant swallow her words hehehe… if she doesn’t like your behavior, she would tell you without hesitation. Some say she is “mataray”, but in real (though we never meet) she is malambing (very sweet) and kalog (candid) and…… well, it’s for you to discover the real MJ. hehehehe

EB with Rowena

Me and hun Rowena at SM Pampanga…

@ the LIbrary, Malate….red, me and hun

Sean. Melai, Me, Tere & Rowena @ Shakey’s SM North

I had a great time with them… actually i missed those moments we shared especially the “kalokohan” we made. Unfortunately, my bestfriendMJ wasn’t able to attend the EB(But looking forward to meet her soon). We had gimiks that time… LIBRARY, PUNCHLINE, RESORT, MALLS (just window shopping lol). I’ve been to Rowena’s place which is Bataan. I met her nanay and her siblings, who was very accomodating (tnx hun). See you again guyz!!!

My Pet

Mizzy is my pets' name... she is a lovable dog!
Princess Mizzy

MIZZY is 10 months old. She is the daughter of Kenzy (Red’s pet). She was 2 months old when Red gave to me.  Mizzy is a lovable dog. I used to call her mizzytot for i find her cute. Mizzy’s asset is her hairy ass and tail (lol). She is so makulit! She sleep with me at my bed and share my blanket. You wouldn’t believe this… she is a camera concious. She knows when to do a pose when she saw a camera. She is staying in our house and we never allow her to go out.

I remember one time, nanay (my mother) was sicked and been lying down on her bed. Mizzy stayed at her side as if she is a nurse. When nanay should pee, mizzy would go with her. Mizzy knows if one of the member in our family is sick. She wouldn’t leave you until she sees you okay. She is a type of dog you will love.

By the way… my best friend MJ gave her that name, a combination of our name. M stands for Mary and IZZ taken from my name and Y from joY. Unique isn’t it? Thanks to you best and thank you redtot ko… loveu both muahhhhh


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